Life is a Drama – Drama for Life

Das Badener Künstlerheim

Life is a Drama – Drama for Life

Ageing is an overall problem for all of us, but how will life really be in those “older” days?

This portrait of a group of artists aged 80 and older – men and women – shows their way of how to cope with this period of life. Some of the problems of living together seem not to have changed even 60 years later – and yet all of them would still love to be on stage and competition amongst them still exists…

In an amusing and light way the documentary intends to give the viewer a close insight and an understanding of the life of those retires artists showing that their lives are not that much different from ours at all.

‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me/When I’m 64?’ The Beatles’ song may be old itself, but it lies at the heart of what most of us fear about ageing – not death, but neglect; not the added years but lack of love, lack of respect.

“This film presents a new stage for these retired artists.”

Barbara Weissenbeck
Bernhard Pötscher
Conny Edelbacher
Barbara Weissenbeck

50 min.
English, Fench, German
Production year:


Funded by:

Filmwerkstatt Wien


Winner BANNF 2007